Nils Petter Molvær

Om arrangementet

Nils Petter Molvær is one of the most prominent performers within an
electroacoustic, improvised/composed musical hybrid that has become a genre of its own.


On his new album he teamed up with his quartet and produced an exciting mix of atmospheric sounds and powerful beats. The first single “Nearly Invisible Stitches” starts with this atmospheric Scandinavian feeling and leads and to an energetic beat. A song which makes you dream and floating into the wild and beautiful nature of the north.

“True Love Waits” is a stunning beautiful ballad. It was originally

recorded by Radiohead. This recording marks a debut for the trumpet player : it’s his first cover song he has ever recorded. Molvaer plays a remarkable soft and tender trumpet. The melodic and atmospheric vibe of this recording makes this song perfectfor ballad-, love-songs- and chill-outplaylists. Take a deep breath and just enjoy the music! From the poetic, tender «Median» via the dramatic «A Sudden Rash» to the three powerful pieces taken from «Frameworks», Molvær’s commissioned work for the 2021 Kongsberg Jazz Festival, the album showcases the trumpeter’s distinct musical language – a language that is appreciated by listeners all over the world.


Although large portions of the album were composed and recorded during lockdown, «Stitches» sounds seamless and organic, proving that collaboration and artistic vision canovercome both isolation and distance. And despite the album’s darker moments, with references to disorder and disease, «Stitches» comes across as a cathartic experience. After listening to the closing track, «True Love Waits», that title seems prophetic: After turbulent times, the wounds will heal.

Molværs debut album “Khmer” (ECM) sold over 250,000 copies worldwide and established his reputation as one of the leading voices of the new European jazz movement of the Nineties. The follow-up albums “Solid Either”, “NP3”, “Streamer”, “ER”, “Re-Vision”, and “Hamada” were all released successfully by Universal/Emarcy worldwide. Molvær stretches himself out at will in time and space, subjecting himself to the new technology of the moment in order to give ever new expression to his timelessly unbridled romanticism.